Strathewen Community

Black Saturday Commemoration February 2019

Remember, Reflect, Recognise

Strathewen community invites you, your family and friends to join with us to Commemorate 10 years on from Black Saturday. 





Please join us for a Commemoration and Rememberance gathering followed by a community supper to catch up with neighbours and friends.

Please bring a plate to share. 

Strathewen Black Saturday 10 Year Commemoration

Community Update – 29 January 20

The significance of 10 years.

The commemoration of Black Saturday and the 10 years since, is an important moment in the life of Strathewen. While the impact and consequences of Black Saturday will stay with many of our community members for the rest of their lives, 10 years provides us an important moment to place the events of Black Saturday into our history, recognise who and where we are now, and look forward into the future.

This commemoration gathering on 7th February provides us an opportunity to reflect on the events of Black Saturday and the 10 years since, to recognise all those who led, supported or contributed to the recovery and renewal of Strathewen and remember our losses, especially those who lost their lives. .

Preparing for this event

The 10th Commemoration Working Group has been working for over 12 months, to ensure that this significant moment in our history is appropriately recognised. We have received significant financial assistance from the Strathewen Bushfire Relief Trust, Nillumbik Council and Victorian Government, and Nillumbik Shire Council has provided exceptional physical support.

The following actions have been undertaken:

* the memorials precinct has been refurbished including

o resurfacing paths, memorial surrounds, car parks and driveway.

o replanting and mulching of garden beds and surrounds

o repair and sealing of seats

o treatment of a significant erosion problem that was threatening the Blacksmiths Tree and tennis courts

o repair of tennis court and tidying of the pavilion.

* a commemoration book produced The book will be provided as a gift to all those who attend the Commemoration gathering. We will endeavour to make additional copies available (on request) to anyone who is not able to attend or would like additional copies for family, and

* the Commemoration event planned

We hope that all Strathewen people will join us on the evening of the 7th February.

Over 300 invitations have been sent and we are expecting over 500 people to attend the gathering. We particular encourage all those families who have made Strathewen their home in the last 10 years to come along and share in this event. You are now part of Starthewen, not only tied to our history, but also represent our future and we welcome you to share in this event.

Staying In Touch

Not all community members are currently on the contact list for Strathewen Connect.  If you know someone who would like to stay in touch, but not currently on the list, we would like you to encourage them to contact Strathewen Connect via website or Facebook and register on the contact list.

if you have any thoughts or questions you would like to share with the Working Group, please feel free to contact members of the Working Group directly or through Strathewen Connect

Thank you, Steve Pascoe, Barbara Joyce, Mary Avola, Dini Shepherd, Kathy Brown, Paul Evans.