Trust Grants for Community Groups and Organisations

The Trust will grant funding to Strathewen community groups and agencies (organisations) involved with the Strathewen community which provide community strengthening, health, wellbeing and trauma recovery services to individuals, residents and past residents impacted by the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfire in Strathewen.

An organisation seeking funding support from the Company may be an existing incorporated group, or an informal grouping of members of the Strathewen community of today, or as existed in February 2009, but has to:

  • Have a not-for-profit purpose, and not be involved in the production of goods or the development of services for ‘on- selling’ to others.
  • Exist for the purpose of building community welfare and resilience, or encouraging participation in arts and education activities, or improving the natural environment, or enhancing the safety and security of the community.
  • Have a purpose consistent with one or more of the purposes of the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Trust and/or the Australian Red Cross Society.
  • Be an incorporated association, or have a formal agency relationship with an incorporated association, that accepts responsibility for the expenditure of funds by the applicant organisation for the approved purpose for which they are disbursed by the Company, and provision of insurance General liability insurance for all activities to be undertaken by the applicant organisation for the approved purpose.
  • Provide quarterly reports detailing expenditure of funds disbursed by the Company for the approved purpose, including receipts.

Unfortunately the Company cannot assist with equipping and maintaining sporting organisations on account of the law on charities, but support may still be sought for staging community events that contribute to the renewal and development of Strathewen.

Organisations are required to include:

  • Details of the purpose for which the funds are sought, and how this would contribute to the strengthening of the Strathewen community as it continues its recovery from the 2009 bushfires.
  • Confirmation from an incorporated association of its acceptance of responsibility for the expenditure of funds by the applicant organisation for the purpose for which they are being sought, and the provision of insurance cover for all activities involved.
  • Quantification of the funding sought, when it would be required, and the period over which the proposed activities would take place (applications for support involving a programme of activities over a calendar year are acceptable).

​Priority will be given to applications for funding support for activities that:

  1. Directly contribute to the strengthening of the Strathewen community as it continues its recovery from the 2009 bushfires.
  2. Encourage involvement by all community members, and publicised accordingly.
  3. Incorporate fresh ideas and initiatives.
  4. Enable applicant organisations in Strathewen to become more self-sufficient.
  5. Have not received support over the preceding 12 months.

The Directors of the Trust consider applications every three to four months, however applications can be lodged at anytime and those which are considered pressing can be resolved as they arise.

To submit your Organisation Grant application form, please download the form below and submit to the Strathewen Bushfire Relief Company for review and consideration at PO Box 535, Hurstbridge, Victoria 3099 or scan and email.

Organisation Grant Application Form